Event Website

HapSpot’s multiple streaming modes give your viewers a variety of options in accessing your event, so that every ticket holder is able to view at their convenience.

Get Started

Branding & Configuration

Logo, Theme & Template

Your event website is your brand. Use your logo and preferred color scheme to make it a seamless part of your organization's web presence. Select one of the standard templates to get started. With Premium plan and above, you can add custom pages and use code to make even more powerful customization.

Custom Domain

Your website address is your brand identity and symbol of trust for your customers. With HAPSPOT you can host your event website under your own custom domain - a premium feature elsewhere, offered completely free.

Location, Policies & Support

With HAPSPOT event website you have a top-notch e-commerce front-end that your customers can trust. Add in your physical location (if any), use pre-canned "privacy policy" and "terms of use" or describe your own and list your support channels so that your customers have the peace of mind when they make a purchase.

Modern Web Experience

Responsive Event Pages

Your turnkey event pages boast a beautiful design and a number of convenient features for your customers. Pages are fully responsive and optimally functional in all form factors from large monitors to tiny phone screens

Announcements, Comments, Likes

Your event pages have built in social features allowing you to post quick updates, share logistical information, post a poll and more. Your users are able to reply, share, like and even start a conversation on their own.

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Built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All your past and future events are listed on your event website with an optimal browsing experience for your users. Even list is fully searchable. We take care of the SEO listing for you so that your events show up on search engines automatically.

Auto Scaling, High Availability

Your event website scales automatically whether you are catering to an audience base of 10's, 100's or 100K's. There is no cost or pre-planning needed. Our globally distributed cloud infrastructure is ready to handle your traffic spikes no matter when they occur.

Elevated Customer Journey

Secure Customer Login

Offer your returning and loyal customers a convenient online account experience with seamless login, saved card for faster check-out, conversation history, order tracking and more. Your customer information is protected with the privacy standards and compliance, giving you the peace of mind.

Direct Messaging, Replies, History

HAPSPOT offers you a built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system at no cost. Send/receive direct messages, keep track of past conversations and seamlessly share context with everyone on your team to provide the ultimate customer support experience. 

Automated Email Engagement

A built-in email notification system drives awareness campaigns for your events at no extra efforts. Past and present customers get notified about new and upcoming events, receive useful reminders. Each customer gets the choice to control their own communication preference or unsubcribe, thus keeping you compliant with relevant email laws.