Event Streaming

HAPSPOT provides turnkey support for high quality streaming. You can reach a large online audience anywhere in the world. Unlike public streaming sites, your media content is protected and only accessible to paid ticket holders.

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Format & Technology

Interactive Real-time Streaming 

Select this option for ultra-low latency real-time HD broadcast with live instant interaction between the presenter and the audience. You will go live using your web browser, no other software required.

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Standard Live Streaming (RTMP)

Select this option for Full HD resolution, better network resiliency, advanced set-up and for non-interactive scenarios. You must use a streaming software, such as OBS Studio, with a stream key to publish your feed.

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Pre-recorded Video Streaming

Select this option if you are planning to stream pre-recorded content. You will be able to upload the video ahead of time and the video will automatically start streaming on the scheduled date/time of your event. Your video will automatically start streaming at the scheduled date/time of your event.

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Virtual Audience Experience

Secure Ticketed Access

A ticket is required to gain access to the live-stream or recording of a virtual event. Your users can purchase a ticket and use it right away during a live session. If they purchased a ticket beforehand, they can log in using their unique ticket code.

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View on Any Device

Your users can watch the live-stream broadcast or a video-on-demand playback directly on the event page using their favorite web-browser. There is no need to download another software or follow a link to a third-party site.

Live Audience Interaction

The virtual viewing experience simulates a social atmosphere with quick gesture buttons for clap, cheer, laugh and love. Viewers and hosts can also share live comment which will be immediately displayed to everyone in a closed-captioning style. A convenient online tipping option can be made available as well.

On-Demand Playback

Enable on-demand playback for your event recording for your users with just a click. Anyone with a valid ticket code can access the playback for 24-hours. Make on-demand playback available for rental up to a year following your event.

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Testing & Going Live

Using Test Mode

Take advantage of extensive test mode capabilities to validate your tech set-up ahead of your events. You can create private streams and invite hosts, co-hosts to join your testing session. 

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Using Any Streaming Software

With the RTMP streaming mode, you can use any compatible streaming software or online service to connect. Examples include the deskptop software OBS Studio or online service such as Restream

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Automatic Recording

Cloud recording is enabled by default for your live-streams. HAPSPOT will create a high quality recording and will make it available for on-demand playback for your viewers. A ticket will still be required to watch.

Online Tip Jar

Easily add a Tip button to be displayed during the live-stream and video-on-demand playbacks. Your viewers will be able to make impromptu tip payment on the screen without leaving the virtual arena.

Extended Video-On-Demand

Create additional revenue streams by making your event recordings available for rental for up to 365 days following the event. Your customers can buy a video-on-demand ticket at their convenience and watch the playback. Each ticket gives 24 hours of access from the first time they start watching.