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HapSpot’s multiple streaming modes give your viewers a variety of options in accessing your event, so that every ticket holder is able to view at their convenience.

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Analytics & Insights

Page Views, Unique Visitors

Get valuable insights on your web-traffic including the number of page views and unique visitors per day. Keep an eye on the trend over time. Adjust your marketing strategy based on the traffic data. Everything is build into your event website with zero configuration.

Cashflow, Transactions

It's ultimately the revenue that matters! Whether you are managing a single concert event or a large festival with multiple parallel shows, you get the accurate real-time data on your total sales and historical trends over weeks and months. 

Location, Engagement

HAPSPOT has a built-in CRM system to help you draw valuable insights into your customers' engagement pattern and drive repeat sales. Easily see the last engagement and activity of each of your customer. Pivot on your event production strategy based on the location distribution of your users.

User Activity Timeline

It's easy to see everything that's happenig for your even business with a unified timeline feed that shows your users purchasing tickets, posting comments, sending messages, liking events and more. Even the changes performed by your team members, such as editing an event details, get tracked and displayed in the same timeline.

Customer Relationship Management

Direct Messaging & Replies

With a built-in CRM system in HAPSPOT, easily send and receive private messages with your users with full history tracking, team delegation, direct email replies and more. Provide timely customer support with all your customer's information at your fingertips, even on the go. 

Order History, Refund Processing

When customers ask questions about your event, your team members can be prepared to answer that without even sitting at a call desk. Look through the history of orders for a customer, their allocated ticket codes, status of redemption, request for refunds and past communication history all from your account dashboard anytime.

Communication Preference

Effortlessly stay compliant with email communication laws, such as  the CAN-SPAM act. With every email commuication sent out to your customer, an "unsubscribe" link is automatically included. You can also view and update your customer's communication preference from the account dashboard. 

Event Management

Event Branding, Scheduling

Post your events with a host of rich metadata including a prominently featured title, a responsive cover image, detailed description, geographic location anywhere in the world, virtual or in-person, social groups to share with and more. Create your event in advance and schedule it to be published at a future date/time. Use advanced features like the notification preference and privacy control to suit the expectations of your audience.

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Chat-board Announcement

Your event chat-board is a powerful communication tool. As the event organizer, you may want to post about important updates or drive attendee engagement. Your post can include images, videos and polls. Your event attendees can post and reply to comments as well. With a fine-grained privacy control and moderation tools, you are always in control any and all messages posted.

Attendee Tracking

Your account dashboard gives you behind the scene access to an event. See the list of all the customers who have purchased tickets for your events in one place. Search and find assigned ticket codes in a breeze to help support requests. Jump to a customer's profile to send a direct message ot view their account history. 

Capacity Control

You have a maxium set capacity at your venue and you don't want to over sell your tickets. Capacity control makes it super easy by entering a single number for your in-person and online limits. HAPSPOT ensures in real-time that across all your ticket tiers the capacity limit is never exceeded.

Private Event

Do you need to host corporate events or private gatherings that are not meant to be publicly advertised? With the private event feature, you can make your event hidden from the general public and only allow it to be shared with designated parties using secure links. 

Organization Management

Team Members & Roles

Your event business requires many hands on the deck to run smoothly. Give dashboard access to your team members with designated roles so that you can delegate and scale out. Familar roles such as "Event Coordinator" or "Business Manager" makes it easy to restrict access while giving enough tools to do their job.

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Business Account

Administrators of your organization can manage important details of your business account, such as the legal name and location of your business, bank account where you want to receive proceeds, statement descriptors to show on your customers' card statements and more. It just takes couple clicks to keep your business information up to date. Note: HAPSPOT support business accounts in the US and Canada.

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Payment Processing Compliance

Receiving online payment from customers requires compliance with a number of regulatory laws that even vary per country of your operation. HAPSPOT makes it super easy by allowing you to enter information such as your company's EIN, details of a verifying representative etc. No need to call support or wait on lengthy phone calls, everything can be done online and securely verified within minutes.

Payout Schedule

You are in charge when and how your proceeds are sent out to your registered bank account. You can decide as early as the next day payout, or can hold the funds little longer should you expect higher possibility of refunds, e.g. in weather-dependent events.